This week I start Camp NaNoWriMo

My goal this month is to write 50,000 intelligible words. When I get this done, I will be ready to go into editing and publishing of Knife’s Tell. 

Waffles, With Yeast

Sweet milk 2 cups; flour, 2 cups; yeast, 3 table-spnonfuls; 2 eggs; melted butter, 1 table-spoonful; salt, 1 salt-spoonful. Directions – Set the sponge over night; in the morning beat and stir in the eggs and butter; bake in waffle-irons.

Dr Chase 1887

Compote of Gooseberries

Ingredients – to a pint of syrup allow nearly a quart of gooseberries.

Mode.- Top and tail the gooseberries, which should not be very ripe, and pour over them some boiling water; then take them out, and plunge them into cold water, with which has been mixed a tablespoonful of vinegar, which will assist to keep the fruit a good colour. Make a pint of syrup and when it boils, drain the gooseberries and put them in; simmer them gently until the fruit is nicely pulped and tender, without being broken; then dish the gooseberries on a glass dish, boil the syrup for two or three minutes, pour over the gooseberries, and serve cold.

Mrs. Beeton 1892


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